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Boat Basshead 152 Review | Boat Earphones under 500 Rs.

Today we will be reviewing the Boat Basshead 152. And we’ll see if they are any good;. So the Boat Basshead 100 was highly rated on Amazon. And the recently launched some new earphones in 100 series. So I was really excited to check them out. So here we have the Boat basshead 152. So starting off let’s unbox this and see all the contents of the box. And then we will talk about the earphones. So here it goes.

Here is the Amazon packet and if I quickly pop this thing. We get the retail packaging of the Boat Basshead 152 earphones. Now here it says boat and below that it says do epic thing. And below this we can also see it says Basshead 152. Now this is the Basshead 152 in black color but you can also get this in red and blue as well from the links down below in description. So moving further, we can also see it says Boat here also. And if we get to the back of the box, we can see that the earphones are sitting there in the package, and it also shows that it has super extra bass, inline mic for calls, angled 3.5 mm jack and braided tangle free cable. And that’s it for the readings on the box and I was quickly unbox this.

Then we get the Boat basshead 152 earphones itself. It’s made out of metal so it feels very solid. We also get the inline mic to answer calls and the braided cable also feels very good. We also get this angled 3.5 mm jack connector. So this would be much more convenient to use. Now let’s put this aside for a moment and see what else do we have here. So here are some extra ear tips for your weird ears. And last but not the least we get their product catelog. So here we can see all their product range. But other than that there is nothing else in the box. And now let’s move to the review of the Boat Basshead 152 earphones. So in this review, we will go through everything you need to know about the Boat basshead 152 like design and fit, comfort level, inline mic and sound quality.

So let’s get into it. So the first thing is the design and the boat basshead 152 are well designed earphones. The earbuds are made out of metal and they feel very solid. Although one thing I want to mention here is that only the outer side of the earbuds are of metal not the inside which is hot plastic. But you don’t have to worry too much about it. As they’re very solid built earphones In no way, the earphones feels flimsy at all. And with the braided cable it makes them look more durable earphones overall. The earphones are also very comfortable to wear so you can easily wear them for more extended sessions.

I could easily listen to them for a few hours. Although I’m not a fan of in-ear earphones and if this would be the only thing I would have access to, other than my headphones, then I won’t have any problems using these. Now as like any other earphones, the earphones have a cable length 1.2 meter And as mentioned earlier it is also braided cable. But one thing you will notice here is that the cable is only braided from the 3.5 mm jack till the inline mic, but the cable is not braided after that. It is a regular cable from inline mic to the earphones. This could be improved by using the braided cable here also.

But I guess they tried to save some production cost. Anyways you can also notice the earphones have an angle 3.5 mm jack connector which is good. Unlike regular jack these don’t stand out and also have less risk of damage than the regular ones. Now on the table, we also get an inline mic to answer calls or using google assistant or Siri. And the quality is just decent.

We also have a single button to play/pause, change songs, or Google assistant/Siri. But when you’re changing songs with the button you can only go to the next song and not the previous one. And also there is no button to adjust the volume. So one of the most important factor when buying any sound device is the sound quality itself. So for the sound quality the Boat Bassead 152 are good too awesome sounding earphones. It depends on your listening preference. Let me explain. For most songs you will find these earphones to be good be it as hip-hop, Pop, Rock, acoustic. The bass is good, mids and high frequencies are also good. Although they are a little bit muddy but not too much. And anyone would hardly notice. And this is also for those people who listen to music at medium to mid high volume. But once you hit around 80 to 85 percent volume, that’s where things start to change. You will notice some distortion and the earphones get muddy. Although these earphones are very loud so you would hardly have to go beyond that. But if you are that guy who listen to things on max volume. Then you will probably notice some distortion at higher volume levels. Otherwise it’s a good pair of earphones for casual listening and everyday use. And it’s also very affordable and comes at a price of 499 rupees.

But you can also get this for 459 from the Here. As you might be able to get a lightning deal as I have got mine. So that’s it for today’s video. And if you have any requests for review please let me know in the comments down below.

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